We hope that everyone who receives a Spry atomiser of some kind will enjoy the the aroma and the rituals that bring joy with every spray.

Please follow these care and usage instructions to avoid disappointment or mishap.

Aroma Misting a Room or Space ~

Your every room could be incredibly scented in Oud… in a minute…


Spray our Aroma Mist in the air to refresh a space quickly! Spray the atomiser a few times above head height.

You can also spray into wardrobes, linen drawers or other confined spaces.

NOTE ~ Ideally, spray the mist and leave the room for a few minutes to allow the mist to diffuse gently.

Aroma Misting Faux Flowers ~

It’s all about very fine fragrance.


Use our Aroma Mist or Perfume spray to scent your faux flower paper roses. Spray the atomiser to your heart’s desire and top up whenever you like.

NOTE ~ Spray the atomiser from 20–30cm away from your paper roses.

Aroma Misting Soft Furnishings ~

Everywhere, everything!


You can also use the mist to scent soft furnishings like bed linen, sofas, curtains or rugs. Spray the atomiser from 30cm away from fabric items.

NOTE ~ Allow items to dry before contacting them with skin.

Atomise Safely ~

Please enjoy your scented oil products and atomise safely, always.


Do not digest.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using perfumed products.

Do not decant scented oils into plastic vessels.

Store right way up, in a cool, dry place.

Dispose of contents/container to an appropriate disposal facility in accordance with local regulation.