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We’ve made an art of scenting your homes and a decade-long reputation for refined, high-fragrance content, scented products.

To ensure that each candle and diffuser is always of the high quality we set out to deliver, all of our fragranced products are hand-crafted and packed by members of our close-knit team at a single location in England.

spry ethics & provenance

We are immensely proud to declare that Spry’s candle wax and diffuser oil is consciously cruelty-free, using ingredients which are harmonious with our planet and your wellbeing. Therefore, we do not use alcohol, paraffin, soy or palm oils.

All of our vessels (including refills) are reusable and refillable glassware, and our packaging is recyclable.

Significantly, only Spry’s candle and diffuser products have acquired vegan-approved status as awarded by the Vegan Society UK. This is achieved not only by refraining from non-vegan ingredients, but also by using only high grade ingredients.

We will continue to pursue a consciously-ethical and environmentally-sound route to your home and heart and we hope you will choose better product.

a spry mission

Your delight at the finer things in life, indeed the smaller pleasures of our every day, provide Spry with its mission. Smaller pleasures help to unseal our wellbeing, improve our time at home and smooth the rough edges of other distractions.

Spry scented candles and diffusers are lovingly designed to bring beauty and comfort to a home, extravagance even, to dress space and adorn furniture.

We are achieving this without cruelty to others or our planet. To you that means a far finer, scented product by the very nature of Spry ingredients and ethics, and to us it means everything to deliver Spry to you.


I established Spry to share the beauty and wellbeing benefits of high quality scent, but I was uneasy about some of the industry’s secrets. Manufacturing is ethically-challenging at every level, especially in the context of caring for ourselves and our environment. Simply replacing the traditional, toxic ingredients of a candle with a ‘natural’ wax like soy isn’t a good solution for anyone. And dressing reed diffusers full of alcohol as pleasant also isn’t pleasant.

As a child I witnessed and felt the deep wellbeing derived from enjoying scent in the home or the hotels my parents would take us to. Memories of being enveloped in mouthwatering aroma can resurface just at the hint of Oud or the ocean, such is the power of scent. The fragrances of my childhood in Persia and England, through the cities and countryside to the desert, remain with me and have gradually informed my scents since we began this wonderful journey.

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From the outset, my small team and I have formulated and produced every item by hand to ensure a quality of product that is truly and deeply pleasurable to our clients.

We quietly introduced superior reed-sticks that you don’t need to turn so often, refined a soft candle wax that burns smoother and longer, and humbly inserted fine fragrance into the car vent. My unique combination of ingredients is my pride and my way of expressing love for our Earth and you. I choose to make uncompromising vegan products to include everyone in the experience and share a life without cruelty, it’s obvious.

While most candle-makers now use ‘natural’ waxes, they haven’t acknowledged or admitted the severe harm to Nature that comes with some of their choices—none more so than soy and palm, for which ancient forests have been removed so that we might have extra soy to squeeze into a candle. Even in the cause of luxuriating in a fragranced home, we could be both kind to ourselves and all that’s around us, if we were more Spry.

R Sharma

luxe 6-wick candle, Moody Gold

Spry scented products are richly fragranced in England, using ingredients harmonious with our planet and your wellbeing.

soy- & palm-free


alcohol- & paraffin-free

officially vegan-approved by