medium, single-wick candle


black orchid

Medium Scented Candle by Spry
Khaleesi ~ Black Orchid fragrance by Spry

“A fragranced home is a wellbeing paradise whatever your
taste in scent, or mood leanings day to day.”

R Sharma


by Spry

seductive, alluring, playful

Unleash the Black Orchid within and succumb to the enthralling power of devilishly dark black truffle, luscious berries and smouldering sandalwood, shrouded in the caress of velvet blossom: Khaleesi has arrived…

top notes

Black Truffle & Black Orchid

middle notes 


base notes



Try ~ Khaleesi

This fragrance is activated by light and heat, so ideal a smaller room with natural sunlight


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