wax melt trio

90h melt | 60ml | 2.5cm tall


NEW — Choose a family of scented wax melts from our six trios curated around Oud, Musk, Citrus or Florals. Or choose a single scent for all three.

Each wax melt is a 20ml dose of supremely soft, scented wax melt, served in a neat glass tub. Also available in singles.

Spry wax melts are uniquely soft and ‘scoopable’ due to their high-fragrance content — so we use a recyclable glass tub, which also serves to retain the fragrance in the wax.

Melt some for a fragrant experience, then scoop it together for another. Mix them? Sure you can. You can even top them up with Aroma Oil to alter the fragrances.

Noteworthy ~ we never use paraffin, palm or soy in our waxes. Read more good news below.


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fine spry scents

Everything we do at Spry is motivated by the effect of scent and the joy we can share through our fragrances.

So, please discover the oasis in Spry’s flagship Oud scents, stroll through our mesmerising florals, play with enigmatic musks, squeeze in uplifting citruses and always settle down with festive opulence.

A scent per room or a scent per you. Change fragrances between day and night, enjoy layers of different scent all the time, or live eternally loyally to one beloved scent.

Scented Candles by Spry
Vegan-approved scented candles by Spry

activate great aroma

When aroma fills your home and wafts with you between rooms, you glide, you remember and you feel smiles coming through. Contrast in life stimulates our subconscious, like layers of scent activate our better self.

Spry scented products are richly fragranced in England, using ingredients harmonious with our planet and your wellbeing.

soy- & palm-free


alcohol- & paraffin-free

officially vegan-approved by
Vegan Society (UK)

Handmade scented candles
Vegan-approved scented candles by Spry

homes need dressing

Mother Nature’s design provides contentment to our souls by placing beautiful scenery around us. Just as at home, where our tables are fields wanting trees, our shelves the featureful hilltops, and our window sills the grass-capped cliffs.


Our scented products are refined and very generously fragranced for your pleasure, so it’s wise to note the potential of different items especially in relation to size.

Scent slowly evaporates from the reeds or wafts from the candle, diffused into the air as far as the air will carry it. As such, a small diffuser can scent a small area of any room, and a large diffuser might perfume a hallway or small lounge area.

Enjoy diffusers all of the time, at home and wherever you go, on a table, window sill, shelf or wall-mounted. Burn candles when you’re home and winding down with the soothing glow and warmth of a flame.

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(Citrus x3) Raheis, Zing, Orangi Bloom, (Florals x3) Rasleen, Evening In The Garden, Persian Rose, (Florals x3) Searock, Evening in the Garden, Persian Rose, (Musk x3) Heaven Scent, Shade Of Noir, Arabian Nights, (Musk x3) Shade Of Noir, Aphrodite, Khaleesi, (Oud x3) Raheis, Ranika, Rasleen, (Festive x3) Chai, Heaven Scent, Orangi Bloom, Black Orchid ~ Khaleesi, Black Rose ~ Aphrodite, Gold Oud ~ Leez, Jasmine & Lilies ~ Evening In The Garden, Lemongrass & Verbena ~ Zing, Orange & Neroli ~ Orangi Bloom, Oud & Bergamot ~ Raheis, Oud & Peony ~ Rasleen, Oud & Sandalwood ~ Arabian Nights, Oud & Vanilla ~ Ranika, Pomegranate & Violets ~ Shade Of Noir, Rose & Musk ~ Persian Rose, Salty Breeze & Rock ~ Sea Rock, Sandalwood & Amber ~ Heaven Scent, Vanilla & Cinnamon ~ Chai