medium, single-wick candle

Shade of Noir

pomegranate & violets

Luxe Collection by Spry
Shade Of Noir ~ Pomegranate & Violets fragrance by Spry

“A fragranced home is a wellbeing paradise whatever your
taste in scent, or mood leanings day to day.”

R Sharma

Shade of Noir 

by Spry

seductive, alluring, playful

Delve into the underworld, with the rich allure of ruby-red pomegranate and fleshy plum, and just a hint of vanilla to keep the naughty a bit nice!

top notes


middle notes 

Violet Leaf & Casablanca Lily

base notes

Guaiac Wood


Try ~ Shade of Noir

Ideal for the hallway, lounge, dining room or bedroom


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