Scented Candle by Spry
Large Reed Diffuser by Spry

If you’re aligned with our refined, high-fragrance outlook on life, then you’ll probably be taken by our feelings about furnishing.

Scented candles and diffusers by Spry
Fragranced Faux Flowers Bouquet by Spry

Your delight at the finer things in life, indeed the smaller pleasures of our every day, provide Spry with its mission. Smaller pleasures help to unseal our wellbeing, improve our time at home and smooth the rough edges of other distractions.

Spry scented candles and diffusers are designed to bring beauty and comfort to a home, extravagance even, to dress space and adorn furniture.

We are achieving this without cruelty to others and our planet. To you that means a far finer, scented product by the very nature of Spry ingredients and ethics, and to us it means everything to deliver Spry to you.

medium, single-wick candle

Spry scented products are richly fragranced in England, using ingredients harmonious with our planet and your wellbeing.

soy- & palm-free


alcohol- & paraffin-free

officially vegan-approved by
Vegan Society (UK)

paper roses trio
Luxe Candle Housing by Spry
Fragranced Faux Flowers Bouquet by Spry

luxe collection

luxe 6-wick candle, Platinum

gold or platinum

Luxe Candle Housing by Spry
Medium Reed Diffuser by Spry

Indeed, each Spry candle and diffuser is a little piece of visual beauty in their own rights, be they a humble jar or proud bottle. Still, we like to up-style ways to diffuse fine scent and give you ways to express yourself creatively and decoratively. True, we also get to express our enthusiasm for fragrance at home, which we love to do.

Scented Candle by Spry
Luxe Collection by Spry

Living and relaxing with our richer fragrance, our slower diffuses and longer melts are one step towards your homely bliss. It’s the subtle sense of time and a tangible value of pleasure that our scents imbue. Best dressed, of course, in our Gold & Platinum Luxe Collections which epitomise Spry’s endeavour to bring luxury and great scent to within reach.

luxe, Platinum set

Take interior ideas from anywhere and everywhere that you find beautiful, especially outside in nature where design is its most inspirational. Choose singularly gorgeous items to furnish your home with, and they will eternally be good company with other furnishings. More or less, here or there, you’ll discover a way to display as you grow your collection of pieces and your home evolves into your vision.