Scented Candles by Spry

Bring fine Spry fragrance into your life and home with a range of candles and wax melts in the most delectable scents and stunning display pieces.

Luxe Candle Housing by Spry
Luxe Candle Housing by Spry

Spry candles are entirely handmade using our own, exotic wax for a longer, more even burn with minimal tunnelling, if any.

Our ingredients are uniquely natural, ethical and vegan-approved — moreover, they render a beautifully soft wax which makes for fancier rituals.
A choice, crystal-clear, glass jar reveals the glowing melted wax best.

luxe collection by Spry

Spry scented products are richly fragranced in England, using ingredients harmonious with our planet and your wellbeing.

soy- & palm-free


alcohol- & paraffin-free

officially vegan-approved by
Vegan Society (UK)

luxe candle housing
Scented Candles by Spry
Large Scented Candle by Spry
Luxe Wax Melter by Spry

luxe collection

luxe 6-wick candle, Platinum

gold or platinum

Luxe Elevated Candle by Spry
Medium Scented Candle by Spry

Bless your home with the finest scented candles, individually and professionally made by hand using our own unique wax mixed to a secret Spry formula of very high quality, natural ingredients which are over ninety per cent British.

Noteworthy ~ most of our candles are packed with complimentary snuffer lids to snuff with and keep the scent inside.

Luxe Candle Housing by Spry
Luxe Collection by Spry

Wow — just 235ml of Spry candle wax lasts sixty hours — yes, our candles burn longer and smoother than others since we use only high grade ingredients, and no highly toxic fuels like paraffin.

Our intentionally richer fragrance and slower melt represent the best value scented candles to anyone, like you, who enjoys great scent and candle rituals.

medium, single-wick candle

Make a little space for Spry candles and diffusers in all rooms and areas of your home to enjoy the finest, enduring scents wherever you go. If looking good at home means something to you, then try our gorgeous Gold & Platinum Collections to take your diffuser decor and candle centre-pieces to another sphere.